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Discover America’s rich history in the folk arts with traditional yet unique works by Steph’s Folk Art Studio in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Steph’s creations are inspired by the unconventional skill, technique and practical improvisation of rustic artisans who created both for beauty, as well as utility.

Calling upon influences from diverse schools of artistic thought and technique, folk art is a truly organic form of expression that reflects the daily lives of its creators. Drawing upon masterful technique, a skillful use of all available materials, and yet free of the pretention of the mainstream artistic scene, folk art embodies the notion that beauty surrounds us in our everyday lives.

From the practical to the fantastic, Steph’s Folk Art Studio offers something to artists of every level. Take a moment to explore the site for just a small selection of the creations crafted using the techniques learned through our studio, or contact us for more information on our informative painting classes for beginners and advanced decorative painters.

Prudy Vannier Elf & Nutcracker Box (Melissa Favor ADP CDA)
Friday, June 21st, 6pm to 9pm, Saturday & Sunday, June 22nd & 23rd, 9am to 5pm
Workshop Fee: $100.00, Surface: $51.99
Santa with Love by Jackie Cole (Barbara Kleinfelter)
Friday, July 26th, 6pm to 9pm, Saturday, July 27, 9am to 5pm
Workshop Fee: $60.00, Surface: TBD
Description: An original design by Jackie Cole. If you like "folk art" this will be a great additions to your collection.
Nut & Honey Harvest and original design by Erika Joanne (Nancy Stauffer)
Saturday, September 14th
Workshop Fee: $40.00, Surface: TBD
Description: Colored pencil class. Surface of your choice purchased from the studio.
Pitter Pat Posie by Erika Joanne (Nancy Stauffer)
Sunday, September 15th, 9am to 5p.
Workshop Fee: $40.00, Surface: TBD
O's Pie Box by Lise Lorentzen (Lise Lorentzen)
Saturday, September 21st, 9am to 5pm
Workshop Fee: $40.00, Surface: TBD
Description: An original design by Lies Lorentzen. This unique box has a hole in the bottom to allow you to easily to remove you pie or bake goods.
(Steph's Folk Art Studio)

Workshop Fee: TBD, Surface: TBD
Description: Please see our policy for seminars, workshops, "Come Paint With Us",etc. at the bottom of our home page.